Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking On A New Challenge

Looking back to when I was younger I was never into exercising. I did the bare necessity in grammar and high school when it came to going to gym class and I never played any sports. So it was no surprise the shocking responses from some family and friends when I announced I will start training on how to run. I'll even admit I surprised myself.

Like most women I've struggled with weight loss for years. I would lose weight and then I would gain what I've lost and then some. Almost 3 years ago I decided to make a life style change which has led me to want to learn how to run. See, I HATED exercising ESPECIALLY at the gym. So when I decided to make this change I started out slow. I started walking 5 days a week at a local high school track. When the weather changed I started talking cardio classes at the local park district. Then I discovered Zumba which really kicked my workout regimen into high gear.

Eventually I plateau and that's how I came to the decision that I wanted to learn how to run. My new challenge will start in 2 weeks. I'm both nervous and excited about starting. So I decided to blog about this new adventure to chronicle my journey and maybe inspire someone to take that step for a healthier and fit life style like I did.